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Hygiene Manager衛生經理

  • 國際五星級酒店  |
  • 150-500人  |
  • 2019-07-07

  三年以上工作經驗  大專學歷   招1人  性別:不限
  不限 不限 不限   年齡:不限


1. Departmental/Section Operation
1) To workout daily checklist by shift for chiller temperature control
2) Control of dry store food rotation
3) Establish a regular temperature recording and filing
4) Establish a checklist for the maintenance and inspection of the area
5) To maintain specification/quality/delivery records for perishable food items
6) To make sure the safety process of items to be removed from delivery packaging and transferred in washable containers
7) To check Sufficient and well maintained refrigeration equipment functioning at correct temperatures
8) To conduct daily spot check on storage conditions and holding temperatures
9) To make sure that food stock rotation practices are adhered to the government requirement
10) To make sure that food not consumed must be disposed of immediately
11) To conduct regular audit of all food preparation areas as per requirement
12) To hold regular meeting of Hygiene Committee
13) Making sure that hotel meets the 5-start standard and its’ product & services meet international and national standards
14) Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures
15) Monitoring performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports
16) To ensure hotel products and services are being kept at high standard, consistent and meet both external and internal requirement.
17) To ensure produces and services meet legal compliance and customer expectations.
18) Undertaking any quality assignment under the instructions of the General Manager

2. Management/Strategic Planning
1) To educate and train the food handlers in all the aspects of food hygiene as per the local authorities requirements.
2) To lead in-house training with managers and employees about health and safety issues and risks.
3) To ensure that all safety legislation is adhered to and policies and practices are adopted. Help to plan, implement, monitor and review the protective and preventative measures that companies are required or choose to follow, and work to minimize operational losses, occupational health problems, accidents and injuries.
4) To contact Executive Chef for all matters related to quality of food items received
5) To contact Director of Engineering for all matters related to refrigeration system.
6) To conduct regular tour of the house with Executive Chef/Chief Steward and Duty Engineer
7) To make sure the management team is fully aware of high risk areas for food-borne illnesses
8) Devising and establishing a company's quality procedures, standards and specifications
9) Defining quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff
10) Making suggestions for changes and improvements and how to implement them
11) Using relevant quality tools and making sure managers and other staff understand how to improve the business
12) Making sure the company is working as effectively as possible to keep up with competitors
13) Working closely with Department Heads to determine performance gaps and learning needs.
14) Resolving conflict & misunderstanding at time with the tool from key quality measures.

3. Finance Management
1) Working with Cost Controller for all matters related to suppliers’ storage and receiving
2) Looking at ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency

4. Purchasing/Stock
1) Advises EXCOM on hygiene and HACCP related FF&E Capex requirements.
2) Tracking system for control of supplier operating licenses
3) Working with purchasing manager to establish quality requirements from external suppliers

   5. Human Resources
1) To corporate with HR to trace on the employees’ Health Certificates renew
2) To conduct the hygiene training on Orientation.
3) To encourage the employees to participate on the risk-control activities
4) Benchmarking of standard and establishing of new KPIs
5) Consistently keeping informed ability on any new standard and to implement and new standard in the hotel.
6) Works with Training Manager to review key metrics (glitches, LQA, Matrix, GAP Analysis or and GES scores) and plans training activities accordingly.
7) Is involved in ensuring the necessary training and learning is conducted in departments on a consistent basis.
8) Trains managers to train their employees in the needed skills area
9) Maintains an effective Departmental Trainer (or Learning Coach) program
10) Manages an effective standards training program and ensures Standards Training Manuals are updated regularly and training checklists are turned in for new hires.
11) Responsible for an indirect reporting relationship with the Departmental Trainers, ensure their roles and responsibilities are supported, developed, and adhered to in standards achievements and improved guest satisfaction.
12) Trains new Departmental Trainers when required and regularly coaches and develops Departmental Trainers in their role and responsibilities in relations to Quality Assurance Program
13) Bases the direction for learning on a thorough Learning Needs Analysis

6. Hotel/Concerned Department Knowledge
1) To ensure and maintain hygiene standers as per the requirement of local authorities.
2) To ensure and verify the implementation of food hygiene standers within the hotel with regards to temperature control requirements for the food, monitoring personal hygiene practices, receiving of the raw materials, storage, preparation and serving is done as the required standers.
3) To monitor and implement recommendations made by pest control services.
4) To ensure checklists are filled and action plan in place to address areas of noncompliance.
5) Setting standards for quality as well as health and safety

7. Guest Service/Sales
1) To liase with the National & Shanghai Food & Drug Administration for all related issues.
2) To attend the meeting and training regularly arranged the Food & Drug Administration
3) To deliver the message and coordinate the related events required by the government
4) To be the main contact person and to accompany the whole process of any spotcheck, inquiry, report from the government.
5) Reviewing customer requirements and making sure they are met
6) Maintain and advising on key performance of quality management standard of producing data and reporting on performance, measuring against the standards.
7) Meticulous in meeting high standard of customer expectations
8) Commit to importance Business Performance.


聯 系 人:人力資源部
地 址:中國上海普陀區長壽路600號


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